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Client Questionnaire    

In order to design a successful garden, you, the client must carefully consider the needs of you and your family. Think about how you use your garden currently and how you envision yourself using it in the future. Do you need a safe place for children to play, a dining area for 2 or 20, a spot to read, relax, or soak up the sun? How about a place to store the lawnmower and the garbage bins? And have you thought about your constraints? Do you have excessive sun or lots of shade? How about a dog that digs (or lifts his leg)?

Another thing to remember is, that like your home, your garden will need constant maintenance... leaves fall, weeds grow, shrubs need shaping and lawns need mowing. In a good design form follows function. That means, first we must take into account your needs and constraints, then we can tie them all together to create a garden that both looks great and works for you.

So remember, as you ogle over Pinterest and Instagram, a successful garden begins with a plan designed around your individual needs as well as your individual taste. This questionnaire will help you focus on your needs and your desires as well as the practical sense of keeping your garden from getting out of hand. It will also enable us to design a garden that is right for you.

Please answer all questions that apply:

Practical Considerations
Existing Conditions
New Landscaping
Garden Maintenance
Design Themes.
How would you like your garden to look, please select one or more of the following
Design Mood.
How would you like your garden to feel, please select one or more of the following
Plant Preferences
Your budget will determine whether your garden can be installed all at once or phased in over time.
The selection of paving materials and the size of the plant material specified in the final plans will also be determined by your budgetary constraints.
Please select the budget figure that is closest to what you are willing to spend:

Thanks for submitting!
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