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Plant of the Month - Kalanchoe orgyalis "Copper Spoons"

With a common name that really fits, Kalanchoe orgyalis (Copper spoons) is a remarkable foliage plant. And yes the foliage does really look like ‘copper spoons’.

Also said to look like ‘Shoe Leather’, one of the great things about K. orgyalis is that the internodes are short, making for a naturally bushy and much branched plant.

This wonderful plant will reach nearly 2m, a small shrub under ideal conditions, when grown in containers and even the rock garden it it often much smaller to around 50cm. However this is a slow growing species so you may need to patient.

The foliage is a coppery cinnamon with silvery undersides, and nicely formed, a mature plant looks fantastic. Yellow flowers in winter are an added attraction

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